RIZI TIMANE MINISTRIES is the humanitarian and philanthropic arm of The Happy Transgender Center. Our philosophy is Jesus-inspired and people of all faiths or of no-faith at all are welcome to reach out to us if they believe we can be of assistance. We seek to nurture individual spiritual growth,  personal enlightenment and human compassion-and to this end, you are invited to join us during our monthly spiritual meetings at the center and/or also follow our Youtube page. We are also deeply committed to meeting the needs of the underprivileged within the USA and Internationally. 
 Our Focus: Our ultimate goal is to enable any LGBT person who wants to know God but has been turned off by Religion to know that God loves them just as they are and also to help those who are struggling with their spirituality and sexuality to find complete RECONCILIATION and AFFIRMATION. 

"The horrible and painful struggle with religion/spirituality and sexuality is responsible for depression, low self-esteem, drug addiction, self-abuse, disownment by family, isolation, the entering into of false heterosexual marriages by LGBT Persons and worst of all, it's responsible for thousands of suicides each year in the LGBT Community (especially amongst our teens and young adults) and it is our hope to put a stop to these negative traits and suicides by re-educating our community". Qoute from Rizi Timane

We are firmly dedicated to Challenging the Status-quo and advocating for FULL civil Rights for the LGBT Community. 

The ministry was founded by Rizi Xavier Timane', a bold and necessary voice in our quest to spread the truth that God loves EVERYONE BE THEY GAY,STRAIGHT, BI OR TRANSSEXUAL. Through our mission trips, we also show the love of God for our neighbors in need, including the orphaned, the widowed, the homeless, the hungry, the sick and the poor.
Use the Contact Form below to reach out to Rizi for Spiritual Support or Prayers and if you are in the Los Angeles area, let us know if you want information about our monthly spiritual support meetings so you can join us for fellowship.
Be blessed now and always.
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